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   Wooden self care tools made from fallen and reclaimed wood, at Ribbon Tree Atelier we offer tools for self-care made from one of nature's most beautiful reflections.

   I find the connection and the space we share with the trees and them knowing us deeply and what needs to be healed about us is greatly important and this takes an important role in my practice. This is what started the Ribbon Tree Atelier. I find logs of wood from local fallen trees that would otherwise be used as firewood or to go to the landfill. I intentionally cut, cure and tend them while they get ready to be worked with. I find this to be very important for it takes that level of intention to care for oneself.

   I am an immigrant to so-called US from Anatolia, and I have been residing here for about 6 years. Growing up in many different parts of that beautiful land brought about a profound appreciation of nature, how healing and whole it is. The importance of self-care presented itself to me many times though I did not recognized it then. Through my health and wellness journey I have been introduced to the importance of the lymphatic system and cultivating a harmony of the body systems. I found that it was empowering to have a special tool to aid me on my healing journey and I wanted to share that ease and the feeling in the form of the tools that I offer.

Ribbon Tree Atelier is located in Fairfax, CA and I look forward to connect with you.




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